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It's more just questions that have been asked at least once.  Anyway, seems like it might be handy.

  • What happens if an artwork is not there anymore? 
  • Please let us know using the form on each artwork's page.  We'll leave it in the gallery, but remove it from the map.
  • Where do the item titles come from, like "Near Pittodrie Street, Aberdeen AB24 5QA, UK" come from? 
  • We use the latitude and longitude, and pass that to a geo lookup service to find the nearest address.
  • I like, it'd be great if I could make the same thing for my city, is that possible?
  • Yes! We'd be happy to help you set things up and get started, just get in touch.
  • Are there any concerns that, as an artist, having work featured here might increase risk of prosecution?
  • Yes, this is something we've thought a great deal about, and we're very keen to hear other people's thoughts.  Hopefully this catalogue and gallery will increase the understanding and appreciation of Street Art, which would, in turn, make it socially and politically unacceptable to prosecute street artists.
  • Do you endorse trespassing or property damage?
  • No.
  • Do you attribute work to any individual(s)?
  • Where the name or handle of an artist is in the public domain, we can do that.  For example if it's part of Nuart, or if the artist has kind of signed the work clearly.  We're keen to get feedback on this though.
  • Is there any particular style of format you use for the photos?
  • No, not rigidly, though we try to avoid filters or adjusted colours, and usually crop them quite tightly.
  • Is this website affiliated to Nuart or any other art org?
  • No, though we're always keen to collaborate.
  • Does this website make money?
  • No.
  • Who pays for the hosting of this website?
  • Hosting of the website is supported by SSOFB.
  • What is Joomla?
  • Joomla is an award winning Open Source system for managing website content and data, you can find our more at
  • Is a charity?
  • No, though it is a not-for-profit org.
  • Was this website inspired by the Ed Sheeran song, Overpass Graffiti?
  • No, really no.